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What is a Sports Physical?

These are the standard screening physicals required for middle school and high school athletes to participate in school athletics. The sports physical consists of a brief history, consult, and examination to ensure your young athlete is fit to safely participate in athletic activities.  Musculoskeletal, cardiac, respiratory, neurologic, and abdominal regions are the primary focus.  Height, weight, and vision/eye chart are also included.  Note:  There is no genital or breast exam with this visit.  Questions may be related to the health and development of those areas, but no physical exam will be completed on those areas.

How is it administered?

There is usually a special form sent out by the school for the athlete or parent to fill out.  Filling out the form prior to the athlete’s arrival, will help keep the visit under the 30 minute time frame. Most sport physical exams take 15-20 minutes.  If you need to print out the required forms, click here.

The doctor will fill out the required portion of the form to give clearance for sport participation.  If, for some reason, the doctor feels the student is not clear to participate at this time, the doctor will explain the next steps to take.  Very rarely does a young athlete not get full clearance to participate.

Your child’s health is our number one concern, so please disclose any/all pertinent health concerns that may put your child at risk.

What to expect?

The vast majority of the time these are not covered by insurance and Life In Motion Chiropractic & Wellness does not bill these to insurance, but instead offers them for a very reasonable cash fee of $25 to $45. Our online scheduling makes it easy to find a day and time that works for your convenience.  The benefit of scheduling your appointment,  guarantees that you will not have to spend the majority of your busy life waiting in the “waiting room” for your child’s appointment.  Click to schedule your child’s sports physical exam online.