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Life In Motion…Life 2 the Full

Dr. Lance A. Zimney DC

Brain-Based Chiropractor | Competitive Athlete | Coach | Entrepreneur

Sports activity has played a important role in Dr. Zimney’s life and a big reason why he is a wellness chiropractor today at Life In Motion Chiropractic & Wellness in Loveland, Colorado. 

Dr. Zimney believes that it is important for people take an active role in their health.  It is equally important that our youth take an active role in sports as well. 

An active life is a life to the full, and there is no shortage of activity in Dr. Zimney’s life.

His birth was fast and ever since, there hasn’t been much to slow him down.

Since age 6 on, Dr. Zimney has been active with:

  • Distance running – High School, College, & beyond (1500m to 55,000m ultramarathons)               Personal bests of 4:23 1600m; 9:32 3200m; 15:32 5k; 19:39 4mile; 25:08 8km; & 3:06:16 marathon
  • Ice hockey & Roller Hockey (termites, mites, squirts, peewee, bantam, high school varsity, men’s college and adult leagues)
  • Football (High School Varsity…and now flag football with former hight school, college, & NFL stars)
  • Baseball (Youth thru Babe Ruth)
  • Golf (High School Varsity to Adult Hacker…getting better with age)
  • Wrestling (High School)
  • Softball (Adult Slow Pitch)
  • Snowboarding (Intermediate Level – Neck fracture on 1st day and has loved it ever since!!)
  • Scaling Colorado 14er’s (Every summer 1 or more are checked off the list)
  • Obstacle Course Racing (Spartan Elite and Tough Mudder….muddy and bloody every time!)
  • Ping Pong ???  (It’s in the Olympics, but you won’t see me playing there!!)

Regardless of what level your child is trying to achieve or what sports they play, it is important for them to be active and be part of a team.  In a society where cell phones and video games rule a large part of the attention of our youth, it is tremendously important for them to find activities that get them moving and interactive with others.

Cell phones, tablets, and video games are killing the posture of our youth today.  Therefore, Dr. Zimney includes a complimentary spinal screening with your child’s sports physical.  It’s amazing how kids react when the doctor reinforces what mom and dad have already been telling them all along.  The kids begin to realize that maybe mom and dad DO KNOW what they are talking about.

Dr. Zimney believes this is more than just a sports physical.  It’s a way to re-connect with the youth of today and to help teach them some of the more important things in life.

Don’t wait!  Schedule your child’s exam today.